Since 1995 under the name of the PD. Sinar Mentari. Believed to be the agent for Everising Bandsaw Machine & Honsberg Bandsaw Blade.

Along with the increasing needs of enterprise customers, now Sinar Mentari Jaya is the agent for the product of ARNTZ (Germany), OTT+Heugel (Germany), Rudolf Alber (Germany), MG (France), Microblade (England), Swed knife (Sweden), Jeng Feng (Taiwan), and Amada & Iwasaw (Japan).

Today Sinar Mentari has more new items to sale for metal (ferrous & non-ferrous), paper, plastic, meat and wood cutting. Our items will safely treated, guarded in our office to keep them fresh with high perform value.

A skilled and professional team and best service will support you to choose us as your trusty company and We will help you solve your sawing problem!

Our Customer

The customer of Sinar Mentari come from various kind of business spread all over Indonesia. All of them need tools, machinary and industrial equipment to repair, maintenance and operation process.

   These are our customer field of business :

       - Steel Structure
       - Workshop
       - Automotive & Motorcycle
         Spare Part Manufacture
       - Paper Mill
       - Printing
       - Converting and Packaging 


Company  Motto

Sinar Mentari has a commitment to serve and satisfy customer needs and providing the best quality goods for the sake of customer satisfaction.

We serve better than the others !